how to deal with acne

Does your face have pimples? You can also use olive oil. The benefits of olive oil for facial acne are:

Its anti-inflammatory properties are useful for curing zits and scars.
The non-comedogenic nature is also good because it does not clog the skin pores.
Its antibacterial properties can cure acne due to bacterial infections.
It is a natural herbal medicine to treat acne disorders because it contains vitamins that can accelerate the healing process.

Its antioxidants, polyphenols can release toxins in the body, and prevent all types of infections.

Here’s how to apply the benefits of olive oil to zits:

Take 1 tablespoon of olive oil
Apply to your face with acne
Massage your face gently and slowly
Massage with enough pressure
Do it for 4-5 minutes
Leave for 15-20 minutes
Clean your face using a clean, warm cloth
Repeat the massage several times
Do it twice before going to bed every day

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