Natural detox for the body (kidneys and liver)

The body can actually detoxify itself, this happens naturally to prevent you from poisoning. First, there is a kidney detox organ that functions to filter blood and produce urine.

Then there are the lungs which function to remove carbon dioxide from the inhaled oxygen. There is a skin that functions to encourage poisons and other harmful particles to come out through the pores. Furthermore, there are also hearts that play an important role in detoxification, namely by removing toxins and other harmful substances from the blood.

To encourage the body to expel toxins, beets are able to help some of these organs, especially the kidneys and liver, to keep working optimally. This was found from research in Poland.

This study tested a mouse given beetroot, the rat had previously suffered damage to the cells in his body. After being routinely given beets, research published in the journal Phytotherapy Research found that these mice became healthier.
These results were found in the bodies of mice which showed that the levels of their enzymes were good and the detox organs in their bodies became maximal working to remove toxins in the body due to consumption of beetroot. Do not forget also the consumption of a combination of beet juice, carrots and cucumbers, is one of the best ways to clean the kidneys and liver from poisons that are buried in both organs.

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