Some of the benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women

Energy sources
Women who are pregnant definitely need enough energy in carrying out their days. The benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women as a good source of energy, because in 100 grams of dragon fruit contains about 9-14 grams of carbohydrates. Routinely consume dragon fruit, then your mother’s energy and stamina will be fulfilled.
Prevent and Overcome Anemia
Eating dragon fruit during pregnancy can also prevent and overcome lack of blood or anemia. As you know, during pregnancy it is very vulnerable to anemia. Eating dragon fruit regularly during pregnancy can avoid anemia, because many dragon fruits contain iron as the main constituent of red blood cells, smooth oxygen supply to the fetus, prevent blood disorders in the fetus, and improve the intelligence of the fetal brain.

Streamlining Digestion
The benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women can also facilitate digestion, hormonal causes and fetal pressure, making pregnant women vulnerable to constipation. Therefore, pregnant women should consume foods that contain fiber. Dragon fruit is very rich in fiber which functions to facilitate digestion while maintaining intestinal health.

Preventing Miscarriage and Premature Birth
Miscarriage is the thing most feared by pregnant women who are usually prone to occur when pregnant or in the first trimester. In addition to miscarriages, premature birth or previous birth time is also quite a dangerous thing, because it can cause a variety of health problems for babies that even threaten baby’s safety. However, these two threats can be prevented by consuming dragon fruit, because it contains a lot of folic acid which acts to strengthen the fetus, prevent miscarriage and premature birth.

Maintain stability of Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar
High blood pressure and blood sugar during pregnancy can cause pregnant women to experience severe preeclampsia which is very dangerous for the mother and her fetus. Therefore, by consuming dragon fruit during pregnancy, can maintain the stability of blood pressure and blood sugar, so that pregnant women can avoid complications of pregnancy.

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