the benefits of bengkoang on the body

Bengkoang is an old recipe for parents who want to care for their children, especially girls. Given that in the past there were no instant ingredients or doctor’s care, parents had to turn their brains to whiten the appearance of their children who were black from birth. The use of bengkuang itself can be used like a mask or scrub. This white fruit is rich in benefits and content, one of which is vitamin E which can regenerate the skin and nourish it. Selected jewels are large in size. How to make the ingredients, namely:

Use 1 medium or large bengkoang fruit.

Open the bengkoang skin thoroughly, then wash it thoroughly, after cutting the yam into pieces, then grate all until smooth.

Squeeze the water in the bengkoang then let the water settle.

Use the bengkoangnya for hair while the water for masks and body scrubs.

Do it every afternoon or every morning for 1 month in a row.

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