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Stages of Turmeric Scrub to Whiten the Skin of the Body

How to whiten the skin using turmeric is very easy, which is only by providing 2-3 large-sized rhizome of turmeric. Next, you just follow the stages of making turmeric scrubs and how to apply the following:

Clean the skin and puree the meat by blending or pounding it,
Add water to make it slightly runny,
After turmeric is mashed, apply the turmeric collision to the entire skin surface of the body and let it sit for 15 minutes,
After drying evenly, start rinsing gently while gently rubbing.

Perform this treatment every day after a morning shower for 1 week and get maximum results.

Well, that’s him guys, how to whiten skin using turmeric that is easy and you can do at home. In addition, this method of treatment also does not contain side effects, you know!

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