Benefits of carambola for health

  1. Useful leaves
    Wuluh starfruit leaves in traditional medicine are also used as a treatment for itching of the skin, curing swelling of mumps and rheumatism. If you smooth out the starfruit leaves, the water uptake can treat itching due to insect bites.
  2. Wuluh starfruit syrup
    Other benefits of wuluh starfruit are treating fever and inflammation in the throat. The good star fruit is juiced or mashed into syrup. Wuluh starfruit syrup can also reduce straining pain in patients with hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids).
  3. As a cleaner
    Wuluh starfruit has antibacterial properties. So that in the Asian region many use it as juice (to clean the dirty intestine), soap, or hand sanitizers after eating (by squeezing water from star fruit).
  4. Prevent internal medicine
    Wuluh star fruit is rich in vitamin C. It can also be used to prevent diabetes, overcome acne, skin fungus, canker sores, and can prevent hypertension.
  5. Cure goiter neck
    The goiter virus can cause swelling of the neck because swelling attacks from one or both parotid glands. As a result, the neck skin is hardened and protruding. Wuluh starfruit can help reduce this goiter pain.

The trick is to use young starfruit mixed with 3 to 4 garlic cloves and shallots. The mixture is made into a smooth dough and applied to the goiter. Within a few days if done routinely can reduce swelling in the neck

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